вторник, 23 ноября 2010 г.

8-Day complete SEO practice and study with Vardan Papikyan

Full SEO Study for Armenian webmasters in Yerevan city.

Complete SEO Study in Yerevan city with Vardan Papikyan

8-day professional study-program includs:

Building of individual website from zero (choosing the domain name, hosting integration, design of the website, website functional and navigation solutions).

Semanthic core of the website, website internal optimization, user friendly components

SEO and link building, working methods of search engines, website internal visibility, website ranking by engines, buidling of quality backlinks, satellite resources.

SMO (social media optimization), using satellite resources for SEO (blogs, microblogs, social systems), using Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other resources for SMO...

Professional SEO Study-program includs 8-day sessions with 2 people, 2 hours in a day, professional SEO skills certificate from NeoMedia LLC, 20% sale check for NeoMedia products, Bonus for cotext advertising on adbook, adding participant's website banner on Armenian websites for 2 months.


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Practice with professional and get high quality skills forever...

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